Interview Recordings + Bonuses

Essential tools to trust yourself, follow your intuition confidently, and make choices based on your values.

For the first Self-Trust Summit in May 24 - June 2, 2022 I had the honor to interview 17 speakers, who shared their wisdom about this essential topic. 

Day 1 

Marcy Neumann

Why is self-love important on your journey to a more authentic life
The difference between self-love and self-care

Betsy Batista

What is human design
How to make great choices based on your human design type and authority 

Day 2

Leila Reyes

How to start developing trust in ourselves again
How to be a good friend to yourself

Christina Beatty

How to start working on what needs to be healed so that you are able to support yourself better
How to distinguish between fear and intuition

Day 3

Rebecca Shisler Marshall

"Right ways" to do somethings vs. what your heart longs for 
The importance of self-compassion
How to use your body as a compass

Micara Link

What is intuition
What blocks our intuition
How to recognize intuitive yes and intuitive no

Day 4

Patricia Love

How to start to build your confidence as an adult
The importance of having a WHY 

Joi Renique

Benefits of journaling
How journaling can improve self-awareness and bring you closer to loved ones

Day 5

Lyn Christian

The importance of making choices based on your core values
How can we identify our core values

Grace from Gracefully Live

How can we develop self-trust
What does it mean to own your life and honor yourself

Day 6

Jessica Dowches-Wheeler

How to trust your leadership voice
How unique you really are

Day 7

Maribel Ortega

How to recognize negative core beliefs and stories from facts
How to develop confidence

Amrita Auer

Being single, childless, and happy at 47 (Or labels, labels, labels!)
Why our happiness doesn't depend on our circumstances

Day 8

Nancy Levin

How to set healthy boundaries
How to say 'no' to other people's requests when you don't want to do something 

Tammy Dunnett

5 steps to trusting yourself in difficult conversations 
How the labels we give to ourselves can hinder us from having difficult conversations 

Day 9

Tracie Jae

How Tracie started to get to know herself after realizing she was being someone else's version of herself
How to use L.O.V.E. in having difficult, honest conversations

Day 10

Tracy Chapital, aka Lady Chap

The importance of having a community
Be mindful of what you base your self-worth on


These bonuses become available throughout June 2022.

Bonus #1: Unbox Yourself

In this training, I’ll share with you a special process that helps you break through from self-imposed limitations and unlocks a new way to see yourself.

Bonus #2: Overcome Overwhelm

I'll teach you a simple process to get out of the state of overwhelm and move into action.

I've often heard the phrase "I have so much to do that I don't even know where to start!". If that sounds familiar, join me in this training and you'll have a simple way to get out of feeling overwhelmed and get things done!

Bonus #3: Improve Your Well-Being by Learning to Ask Great Questions

All questions are not equal. Some are helpful, and some keep us stuck and may even throw us in a negative downward spiral and make us more desperate and less resourceful.

You can improve your well-being and boost your resourcefulness by learning to use the power of great questions to your advantage! In this training, you will learn a simple formula to create great questions.